Psychodynamic interpersonal therapy (PIT) is mainly based upon you talking with our therapist and can be useful when treating depression and other stress related issues. It enables your psychoanalyst to investigate what is going on in your head and to find out what happened in your past.

Bringing hidden feelings to the surface

Designed to enable you to freely and privately explore the whole range of your emotions and feelings, you may reveal those in your subconscious that have lain hidden. By bringing these to the surface, Psychodynamic interpersonal therapy will enable you to understand your current behaviour and attitudes which are often affected by issues from the past or hidden feelings.

Psychodynamic interpersonal therapy is one of the three main kinds of therapy used to treat depression, the other two being cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). CBT and IPT are mainly concerned with modifying behaviour; CBT works to change the way you think and to eradicate distressing thoughts. IPT is more about investigating personal relationships and working to improve them.

Exploring deeply seated feelings

Psychodynamic interpersonal therapy is slightly different in that it has its roots in Freudian psychoanalysis. It is based upon the principle that behaviour stems from the effect of the subconscious and experiences from the past. In involves extremely in-depth discussions with the therapist where you can open up and explore deeply seated feelings. Your counsellor will examine your feelings as they are revealed and it is a fairly informal process.

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