Schema Therapy is often used to treat those suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder but is not limited to this condition. If you think of a ‘schema’ as a belief system, then this gives you some idea of how the Schema Therapy is used.

Core values

These are the core values at the root of all of our behaviour and are split into four groups:

  • Coping Styles
  • Early Maladaptive Schemas
  • Schema Domains
  • Schema Modes

When it comes to your counsellor or therapist making use of Schema Therapy, the Early Maladaptive Schemas relate to the behaviour that we tend to exhibit all of the time. Schema Domains refer to the emotions that you possessed as a child which can stay with you. Coping Styles indicate the way that we adapt each schema, very often resulting in unhealthy options. The Modes are our emotional states that affect us constantly but can lie dormant, being kicked into action again by certain life triggers.

Questionnaires can help

Schema Therapy is based upon a form of CBT but targets early childhood difficulties in a much more powerful way. Your counsellor may use questionnaires to find out the current state of your schemas along with your coping modes and most frequently used modes.

This way, you will be enabled to develop methods to bring about change, eradicating your negative behaviour and thinking patterns.

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