Sexual and relationship therapy can be administered by any qualified professional therapist who has been trained to carry out this form of counselling. They can deal with a whole range of sexual and relationship problems no matter your sexual orientation or whether you are currently in a relationship. Very often, clients prefer to be counselled individually but your partner can be included if both you and your sexual and relationship therapist think that this will help.

You will not be judged

When discussing your problems with your counsellor or psychoanalyst you have no need to feel awkward, shy or embarrassed; they are used to discussing all types of issues with many people from a variety of backgrounds and relationships. They will never judge you, make you feel unsure or different and will accept what you tell them in the strictest confidence.

If you are used to seeing your doctor or gynaecologist when you have physical sexual problems, then this is no different; both are professionals when it comes to sexual and relationship therapy and they will both be able to present you with great help and assistance. The therapy will be entirely comprised of you talking to them and they listening to you so you need not worry that there will be any physical examinations or hands-on treatment.

Helping you with all sexual concerns

Because your sexual and relationship therapist understands the physiological processes that relate to sexuality, they will accept your sexual orientation and any transgender feelings and will never try to sway you one way or the other. They do not want to change your sexuality and only wish to help you with any sexual concerns, whatever they may be.

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