Many counsellors and analysts may refer to systemic therapy as family therapy as it works well with families and those closely related. They will use systemic therapy to bring about change, once they have examined the interactions and problems between all involved.

Aiding relationship difficulties

Both families and partners can have relationship problems that result in difficulties. Systemic therapy works to relieve these problems, enabling the affected parties to empathise and sympathise with each other. By gaining insight into each other’s needs and wants and understanding individual values then the emotional health of all family values can be worked towards. If you find yourself struggling to get on with people that you care about and suffering due to distress and constant misunderstandings then systemic therapy can help to relieve the pain and the strain.

Helping those who suffer

Systemic therapy will deal with many problems including divorce, illness, death, work-related issues, difficulties at school and even sexual conflict. If specific members of the family are suffering from stress, depression, addiction or even eating disorders, then systemic therapy can help to resolve a crisis and eradicate problems.

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