What does a relationship counsellor do?


As time passes, each relationship faces trials and tribulations. Whether they stem from compatibility issues or whether they stem from fundamental problems such as trust issues, every couple goes through ups and downs. 

It is important to take stock of the situation in time and try to fix it in whatever way possible. The best way to fix any relationship problem is to sit down and talk it out. Both partners should try to understand each other and be empathetic. By talking, discussing, and looking at the problem from the other person’s perspective, more or less every relationship issue can be sorted out. 

However, sometimes problems run deeper and couples are not able to solve them on their own. In such cases, it is best to get help from a professional such as a relationship counsellor, and try to remedy the situation. 

What does a relationship counsellor do? 

A relationship counsellor is a qualified professional who understands human psychology, relationship dynamics, and various other things which makes them a sound third party to help couples navigate through problems. 

They help couples understand the underlying problem in their relationship, identify the wrong behaviour patterns, and develop sound strategies to handle the problem at hand. A good relationship counsellor will also help you develop a coping mechanism to deal with issues that may arise in the future. 

The two main ways in which a relationship counsellor can help, are – 

  • Help you reconnect with your partner 

Often, we drift apart from the people we love; even if we are physically in the same space, we drift apart mentally and emotionally. And, as time passes, this results in the other person feeling isolated. It is important to try and form a connection with your partner again. 

A relationship counsellor will help you reconnect with your partner. They will help you look at things from their perspective, understand their concerns, and be empathetic to how they are feeling. You will be able to look at them in a different light altogether. 

  • Help you both communicate more effectively 

Communication is the key to fixing almost every relationship issue. However, couples stop communicating with each other; whether it is due to ego or a feeling of being misunderstood, couples tend to stop talking about issues over time. This heightens the negative emotions and affects the relationship as well. 

A relationship counsellor will make you two sit down and talk about things. Sessions with a therapist will ensure that you both can no longer run away from issues and must address them together. It will improve communication between the two of you. 

Connect with a relationship counsellor 

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