Why relationship counselling worked for us


Many couples opt for therapy when the going gets tough. And, more often than not, they finally find the solution that they have been looking for. For us, as well, relationship counselling was a lifesaver. It helped me, and my partner, salvage our relationship. 


What is relationship counselling?


A trained therapist or counsellor meets the couple and helps them sort out their problems. It is a much more complicated endeavour than it sounds. 

These counsellors are trained to look for certain signs, guide the couple in a certain way and help them find the problems (and, the solutions) all on their own. 

When a relationship is getting suffocating or the couple feels that there are unresolved problems that they are not able to solve on their own, that is when a qualified, trained relationship counsellor can help change the tide. 


Here is why relationship counselling worked for us


Okay, so relationship counselling is indeed quite effective. It helps people resolve their differences and embrace the relationship once again with gusto. However, the result is not always the same. There are a few things that can make or break your case. 

Here is why it worked for us – 

  • We desperately wanted to save our relationship. If either one of you has completely given up on the relationship, then there is no point in trying to save it through counselling or any other method. You should both be committed to saving it. 
  • We were more than willing to work on our relationship. Counselling is not just a talk session. Your counsellor will guide you on how to make positive, impactful changes in your daily life so that you can save your relationship. Hence, you should both be more than willing to invest time, energy, and attention to work on it. 

In a nutshell, the result of a relationship counselling session will more often than not depend on how willing and committed you are to the entire process. You can easily make or break the entire process. So, step into this once you and your partner have thought it through. 


When should you seek out a relationship counsellor?


Here is when you and your partner should consult a relationship counsellor –

  • There are problems in your relationship that are causing it to crumble. It may be a big, glaring problem or an undercurrent that has been there for ages. You should both feel that a problem exists and you are willing to look for a solution. 
  • You have ideally tried everything possible to resolve your conflicts. From talking to each other to maybe getting some common friend or family member involved, you should first try whatever works for you. 
  • If you have done everything you deem possible but problems still exist and you are both willing to solve them then consult with a relationship counsellor. 

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